SMASH London 2019

Smash London is a arena for new passionate business ideas, new partners and investors to meet and flourish together

On April 25 2019, Scandinavian and British sport/health startups roundup again in London


Smash London is a new Official Smash Helsinki side-event, dedicated to sport, technology and Scandinavian start-ups meeting Londoners. At Smash London we bring together sports, health and technology.


Sport and health are the greatest source of passion and enthusiasm for us at SMASH. We are willing to work tirelessly to make both playing and following sport more fun and more rewarding. We also want to promote healthy lifestyle: Living longer, having fun! We want to exceed the limits by bringing together the best new business ideas from sport, health and technology, globally.


Investors, partners and startups all need to be inspired and to find the right partners.

Preliminary Programme

Updated 2 May 2018