HookedOn SMASH!

Find you perfect business partners and arrange meetings at SMASH with the new business networking tool HookedOn.

As you know, SMASH is all about start-ups and e.g. our development director Jan is a start-up entrepeneur himself. His company is called Kravat and their solution for matchmaking is called HookedOn. They have been and still are constantly working to approve the HookedOn app and SMASH Helsinki 2018 is the first event where this freely available app is in action. So all feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated (jan@sportsmash.net or info@kravat.fi).

How to use HookedOn?

First, install the free HookedOn app at App Store or Google Play or go to our website http://www.hookedon.org

Then, register and build your profile via your LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook account.

Choose at least one topic to follow, e.g. ”Startups”.

Then, go to Events and open Smash hki 2018 (8.11.2018). Click to attend and then click ”Show others going” and browse other attendees.

Start swiping to left or right.

You can also go to People and swipe people, which will be offered to You according to Your geographical preferences. You can alter these on your HookedOn Profile.

When you have swiped Yes (to the right) someone, and that person also swipes YES for You, too, you have a Match!You can start CHATting in private with your business Match.

At SMASH you can also book meetings with HookedOn booking service.

To book a table time, go to EVENTS and Smash. Click Book a time, choose your time slot and start inviting people.

The Booking Service is available for alla event organizers, now. Interested? Please contact info@kravat.fi

Any questions? Again, Please contact info@kravat.fi